Yesterday, I shared a post called “Getting Out Of A Funk- Part 1” that offered six things you can do to get out of a funk.  Today, I want to offer the final seven.  Again, these things will not change your circumstances, but they will very likely change your perspective and perspective is everything.

7.  Do what fills your tank.

This one may be a fake it until you make it step. Sometimes we may not feel like doing anything when we are in a funk, and the activities that normally give us life may not immediately feel like they are filling us, but give it time. If jogging gives you life, get out there everyday and jog. Be consistent and make it a priority. Also, rather than thinking about the activities you normally do as an adult for fun, try and think about it another way:

What you did you do as a child that got you most excited? How are YOU uniquely wired to experience and enjoy this world? What are the things that give you joy or allow you to relax?

For some it may be good food or cooking, for others it may be getting out in nature and feeling the dirt or sand beneath your toes, for others it may coffee with a friend, or a competitive sport, or a walk in a park, or painting a picture. You know what it is for you. Get out there and do it!

8.  Clean out your closet. No seriously, try it.

This may sound silly, but there is a weight to our physical stuff. When our lives are cluttered and filled with stuff all around us, how are we supposed to think clearly, create, and be filled with joy?

Clean out your closets, your office, your junk drawers, the car you drive if you have one, your desk… as much of the physical space you live and work in as you can give time to. Be brutal about what you keep. In the book The Magic Art of Tidying Up Marie Kondo says to get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy.

When we aren’t surrounded by clutter and stuff we don’t need, our minds can be free to create and think clearly in a new way.

9.  Spend more time with people who lift you up.

Who are those people are in your life that challenge you, and inspire you to be a better you? Who are people that when you are done spending time with them, you feel good about yourself? Who makes you feel expanded? With whom do you feel fully accepted and loved as you are?

Seek out those people and spend time with them. I realize that when you are in a funk you don’t always feel like making an effort to spend time with people and I am guilty of this myself. However, when you can push through the desire to stay isolated, it’s always worth it.

10.  Spend less time with people who drain you or pull you backwards

When the tank is already low and you don’t have anything to give, be careful whom you give your time to.

When you are in a funk, you don’t have extra energy to give. Don’t spend time with people who drain your tank. THIS IS A BIG ONE.   If you are in a funk and your perspective is already not very clear, spending time with people who drain you can feel extra exhausting because you can allow them more pull in your life than you would normally allow. And this will surely not help you move forward. Don’t pull away forever or cut off friendships. Just give enough room so that you can surface from the funk and so that you are able to reenter draining relationships in a healthy way.

11.  Try something new

One of the best ways to come alive again is to do something that is new and fresh. Sign up for an art class, get away for a weekend to a nearby town, pretend you are a tourist in your own city and go to an attraction you’ve never been to, go sky diving (if you’re the adventurous type), go see a movie you normally wouldn’t see or try a new restaurant, or simply take a walk in a new place. New experiences can often bring new life, so break out that list of things you have been longing to do and get after it.

12.  Go to bed.

I feel like such a mom saying this and it’s SO OBVIOUS, but most of us don’t get enough sleep. There is a nothing like a good night’s sleep to help you hit the reset button.

Get in bed earlier than you normally would and allow your body to do its natural reset. If you are in a funk, but aren’t getting enough sleep, you are setting yourself up to stay in that place. Turn off the rerun of Walking Dead and stop watching the SNL sketches on YouTube or whatever it is that’s keeping you up and get a good night’s sleep. Then, be surprised by what a rested body can do for your mind and perspective. Cut off the coffee by 1pm or 2pm and try turning off all electronic and external stimuli an hour before you intend to go to bed to allow your mind a natural easing down to sleep. Guys, I am talking to myself on these ones, big time!

13.  Dance it out

This one may feel like it contradicts silence, and obviously they cannot be done at the same time, but both stillness and action are part of finding fresh life. When all else fails and things seem blah, dance it out. When you just aren’t feeling it, turn up the music and dance all over the circumstances in your life. Something about singing, laughing and dancing despite our circumstances or emotions is what this beautiful life is all about. It’s kind of like giving the brokenness and pain of this world the middle finger and saying, “you can’t hold me down.”

So, dance when it doesn’t make sense. Turn the music up and sing at the top of your lungs, because at the end of the day, you are alive. This life is a gift and there’s so much to be grateful for.

These are some things that have worked for me and I hope they are helpful for you. What have you done to get yourself out of a funk?

Jen Wood

Author Jen Wood

Born and raised in Southern California, Jen loves the beach, spending time with loved ones and being active. She believes wholeheartedly in living life to it’s fullest and that following God is the greatest adventure you could ever experience.

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